What is Creative Journey?

We are writers as well as web designers and developers.

We understand we’re all at different stages of our creative journeys. Whether you’re an emerging, debut, established or self-published author, we can help create a website you’ll love.

Why does a writer need a website?

Emerging writer

You’ve written a handful of short stories, which have won or been shortlisted for competitions and published in anthologies. Now you’ve finally finished your manuscript and are ready to start shopping it around. One of the first questions a publisher or an agent will ask is: Do you have a website?

New writer

Congratulations! You’ve followed your dream and finally landed a publisher for your manuscript. Reviewers are reviewing your book, journalists are writing articles about your journey to publication, writers’ festivals want to book you for events. They’re all asking for the link to your website … 

Established writer

You’ve had two or three books published. Maybe you started a blog when your first book came out, but you haven’t updated it for a while and it’s looking a bit tired. You’re working on the final draft of your next manuscript — fingers crossed this will be your breakout book. You might be thinking about approaching a new agent or publisher, or just an author glow-up. Time for a shiny new website to refresh your author brand.